What does In Bond mean?

When you buy wine In Bond, the price you pay is not inclusive of Duty and VAT.

There are two ways to buy wine on our website- Duty Paid, or In Bond. The majority of wines in our Sommelier Selection are Duty Paid, which means the price you see is inclusive of Duty and VAT. These wines are readily available to deliver to your home. 

Other wines on our website are only available to buy In Bond, these are often Club Offers, En Primeur wines, or wines held by one of our trade partners. In most cases these will be full un-mixed cases of 6 or 12, not single bottles. In Bond wines must be stored in a bonded warehouse approved by HM Customs & Excise. 

If you wish to have your wines delivered to your home you will need to pay the Duty and VAT to release the wine from bond. You also have the option of setting up your own bonded account to store your wines, or transferring your wines to an existing bonded account you may hold with us or another merchant. There are lots of options available, but Honest Grapes customers receive a preferential rate with Nexus. If you wish to set up a bonded account please contact info@honestgrapes.co.uk and one of our team will be happy to assist.

The advantages of buying In Bond are that Duty and VAT are deferred. Should you choose to sell the wine on (in bond) at a later date, you will never pay Duty and VAT. If you sell / transport your in bond wines internationally, UK taxes will not have been paid, so if wines are only ever stored and transported in bond, only the final user will pay one set of taxes, rather than taxes from multiple countries.

Some wines are only available to purchase in bond (such as En Primeur) because taxes will be applied at the current rate once the wines are available for delivery. VAT and duty is liable to change, despite being applied to the original value of the wine.

What is the price of Duty & VAT?

UK duty is £2.23 per bottle of still wine, £2.86 per bottle of sparkling wine.

VAT on wine is 20%, which is applied after the duty.