Should I put ice cubes in my wine?

Ice Cubes in Wine? Surely a big no, no right?

Maybe, maybe not. Whilst I wouldn't recommend diluting your Grand Cru Montrachet with a few cubes there are other circumstances where it shouldn't be such an issue.

We add ice (well, some do) to whisky, and soda to brandy and the ancient Greeks and Romans insisted on watering down their wine: - 20:1 is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, which seems excessive; 4:1 was more common, rather like Pimms to ginger beer ratio.

Like everything with wine - your personal taste should be the ultimate arbiter, NOT convention or following perceived ''rules''. Do you prefer your rosé or house white slightly off-cold or slightly more dilute? In baking weather, I would happily sacrifice a degree or so alcohol in favour of extra refreshment.

In fact, I would argue that any white or pink that is 13.5% will probably benefit from a cube or two in hot weather. Veuve Clicquot and Moet have both introduced Champagnes that are designed to be poured over ice - achieving the right balance of sweetness and depth as a result. I wonder how long it is before still, wine brands try the same thing. There is one famous Provencal Rosé which, at 14% ABV (!), would get my vote to act as a test case...